About Us


Research and experience have taught us that many so-called “companies” out there claim to be professional house cleaning services. The reality is that these cleaning services are nothing more than an individual or couple who clean houses with no professional training. Why is that so important? For starters, as a customer, you don’t know whom you are inviting into your home. Many of these “cleaning companies” hire family members, friends, and even strangers to assist them with little to no training. This reflects the poor quality of service so many people complain about. Secondly, with no professional training, these cleaners do not know the proper use of chemicals on various surfaces. One of the major complaints of people who have hired these services is the damage to their hardwood floors!

Advance Cleaning Services are not only highly trained in proper cleaning techniques but are also provided the best house cleaning products on the market. We know how to take care of all your home’s unique surfaces, e.g. granite, marble, tempered glass, slate, bamboo, etc.

You can trust Advance Cleaning Services!